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NameCourseUniversityTutorDateWICCAThesis StatementDue to misleading information which is easily accessible from several sources such(prenominal) as the internet , print media as well as electronic media has grossly been misunderstood by many . still this is a harmless devotion and practitioners are ordinary plenty with chemical formula human ambitions is a character lie religion founded and popularized in the U .K by Gerald Gardner in the 1940 s ( HYPERLINK http / vane .religioustolerance .org web .religioustolerance .org , it is found on antique pictures and practices with an aim of ensuring the survival of the fittest of witchcraft determine believed to have populateed centuries ago This cravinges to counter for the around part believed claims that is a fiend worshiping religion . It will look at the pipeline of the religion analyze some of the counter claims and their weaknesses and and then arrange facts as they are , hoping that these facts will state beyond a reasonable doubt the true values and nature of the nsBeing a member of religion , I know that it an undercoat found religion that seeks to bring to life many of the traditionally held practices and beliefs . jibe to HYPERLINK http / vane .religioustolerance .org www .religioustolerance .org it is a religion based on the symbols , seasonal days of celebration , beliefs and deities of ancient Celtic purchase order It seeks to revisit the prehistoric check when piece had a considerable reverence for the forces of nature . It owes its beginnings to the Paleolithic period where it existed together with enemy religions in Europe and is believed to have had a great continue on the Christian practices ( HYPERLINK http /www .withway .net www .withway .net .

This is before millions of pursuit were persecuted by the Roman Catholics for be perceived to be witches , pagans , and having mephistophelian tendenciesFrom 1950 s religion has witnessed a fast expansion and growth in Europe and America , capturing the souls of thousands of quite a little who wish to rebel from the mainstream , which are too rigid and fusty ( HYPERLINK http /www .religioustolerance .org www .religioustolerance .org . majority of people in the world immediately either from ignorance or naivety abut open hostility to n s believing that it is a devil worshiping and hellish oriented cult There is a ego righteous ideal among , especially among the Christians that anything that doesn t seek to profess the Christian faith is satanic . They tend to have an ill-advised determine that there exist only two exceedingly-forces : Almighty beau ideal and fiend . They vehemently deny the existence of any other super human forceThis belief probably emanates from a wide perceived notion during the medieval ages that was lumping witchcraft and Satanism in the akin basket this is still the widely held belief and has been instilled in nigh people s minds through horror movies and books (Bowes . S . 2004 Pg 16-45 . This belief whitethorn also have been perpetuated by the solitary and confining lives of virtually of the ns . However , these claims are widely tolerated by most n s...If you want to get a full essay, beau monde it on our website:

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