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Alexandra Peacock Molly Sides ENG 103 DD2 3 May 2010 Autism: The Elusive annoyance oneself If the world is perfect, it wouldnt be.-Yogi Berra. What do people think when they observe the word autism? Do they think of mentally challenged children that wipe out trouble fitting into society, or do they think of their obscure behaviors and attitudes and opine the children to be risky to live in society? both of these questions argon valid when it comes to this mysterious and common disorder that confuses charge the brightest of scientists. Simply put, autism is a highly controversial disorder that concerns the dumbfounds and an publication associated with genetic, environmental, and mortalal factors and involves many a(prenominal) preconceived notions about the people who have inherited this disorder. In truth, there is no primary cause of autism; rather there ar many causes that contribute to this strange neurological fix disorder. Autism is a diso rder that impairs the social and talk processes of the brain and good deal also altar the persons physical maturation if utter(a) enough. (Autism.com) According to Dr.
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Bernard Rimland, fountain of the Form E-2s for autism diagnosis, most sick children are perfectly expression in appearance, but omit their time engaged in puzzling and disturbing behaviors which are markedly different from those of distinctive children. The symptoms of this disorder range greatly from fairly moderate to severe in nature; these symptoms allow: A delay in talking or not talking at all, ingeminate and overused types of behavio r, interests, and play, below-normal intelli! gence, lack of social interaction, and sensibility to certain sensations such as sound, touch, taste, and smell (WebMD); sometimes autistic children are known to be more aggressive and sometimes violent than the average child. When it comes to adolescents, they are known to often take a shit dispirited and have a lot of anxieties. Some children build up seizure disorders such as epilepsy by their...If you want to start out at a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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